Sustainability is a word we hear around every corner. Unfortunately, not all companies take it so seriously.

We believe that the climate crisis is a major challenge of the 21st century and that each of us can make a big contribution in overcoming it. As Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world," we believe in the power of all of us. As a company, we also want to live up to our responsibility. And even more than that: we also want to inspire and encourage our guests to take further steps. Because we also believe that acting in a climate-conscious way with respect for our environment, people and animals does not have much to do with renunciation, but on the contrary can be a lot of fun.

Here you can find out everything about our far-reaching measures in all areas of our hotel.

We continue to work on ourselves every day and continue to optimize in order to become even better in all areas. Do you notice anything else where we can improve? Feel free to contact us!

  • We are Viabono certified and are certified on the basis of the CO2 footprint hotel calculator awarded with climate efficiency class A.
  • Use of 100% green electricity.
  • Electric charging stations in front of the hotel.
  • The fleet consists of an e-golfcart and an e-car.
  • Installation of 2 BHKWs with 20KW capacity, associated with the self-consumption of self-generated electricity and use of the heat for heating and hot water in the entire hotel and outbuildings.
  • Use of energy-saving lamps, LEDs, and time or motion detectors.
  • Use of eco-certified papers and office materials.
  • Digital check-in, invoice dispatch & restaurant receipts as well as mainly paperless processes in the hotel.
  • Fair and vegan employee clothing.
  • Education and inspiration in the areas of nutrition, health and environmental protection, among other things, with readings, film evenings.
  • Our business account is at a sustainable bank.
  • Our website is 100% CO2 free and hosted with green electricity.
  • Exclusive use of vegan food. Thereby our CO2 balance is significantly reduced to a minimum
  • Eliminate plastic and disposable packaging
  • Waste avoidance
  • Regional beverage and food suppliers
  • A very high proportion of food from controlled organic farming
  • Use of Fairtrade products
  • Use of energy-efficient refrigeration and cooking appliances
  • Seasonal menu
  • Use of eco natural wood furniture and oak flooring from sustainable forests.
  • Exclusively vegan room amenities.
  • Barrierefreiheit in zwei Zimmerkategorien
  • Cleaning with chemical-free micro steam or with organic cleaning agents.
  • Organic bedding and pillows.
  • Cleaning request as well as linen change according to guest's request, no automatic stay cleaning after the first night.
  • Verwendung von veganer Naturkosmetik in nachfüllbaren Spendern
  • Water saving buttons as well as jet regulators to regulate the amount of water.
  • Trash can with waste separation.
  • Use of vacuum technology for the disposal of wastewater in the main building.
  • Hotel room temperature management.
  • No air conditioning in the buildings.
  • Focus on our employees and their development
  • Offer flexible working time models
  • Offer coaching and training
  • Engagement of the company in sustainability networks as well as
  • Partner company of the biosphere reserve
  • ADFC certified bike friendly accommodation
  • Regional social commitment



Newcomer Award 2022
WeltverbEsserer-Wettbewerb 2022 place to V
Vegan Travel Award 2022
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