For an extensive hiking tour it does not have to be the Alps, the Prignitz can also be used for some extended tours. The path along the Elbe can be explored by bike or on foot, diving deep into the surrounding floodplain wilderness. For those who are drawn to the water, the hiking route around the Lake Rudow run and cool off along the way.

A few kilometers away from Lenzen also awaits the Rambower Moor with designated trails await you. The highlight in late autumn is the arrival of cranes and wild geese, which stay overnight in the moor and recharge their batteries. If you are more in the mood for heights, you can climb the Schmölener Binnendüne and gain a magnificent view of the river landscape of the Elbe and Löcknitz.

For more peace and silence in the forest, take a trip to the other side of the Elbe to the Höhbeck with designated hiking trails and picturesque half-timbered villages. We recommend you to wear good and comfortable footwear, so that the excursion will be enjoyable all the way. In order not to disturb the nature and the animals and not to put you in a dangerous situation, we advise you to use only the marked trails. Please contact us immediately if you get lost or stuck. Do you feel like a guided hiking tour? Then feel free to contact us. 

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